1. pollution in our oceans
  2. everyone on this earth
  3. anyone who eats seafood
  4. mainly fisherman and mass supermarket stores
  5. we need to develop and use all biodegradable plastics and fuels, we need to start ocean clean up immediately and punish those who continue to litter and pollute.


Rusul Alrubail has faced so many struggles in her life. she was a refugee in Jordan at a very young age. because she was not a citizen she could not attend schools. Later in her life she ended up in Canada where she faces adversity. he very own math teacher couldn’t stand her. she faced so many challenges in her life and anyone including myself can relate to that. my struggles might not be exactly the same but I have experienced hardship. she had teachers who didn’t want to help her and didn’t like her at all. i can relate because when i was in high school there was one teacher who disliked certain athletes. she hated any student that played on the football team for some reason. she would make my life and other teammates in the classes life difficult. just like Rusul i did not let that teacher stand in between me and my goals which was one to be the best student athlete I could be to make the most of my opportunities. I ended up passing her class and graduating . I didn’t let those seemingly huge obstacles stop me from finishing my high school career strong. i was lucky enough to earn a scholarship to play football and further my education here at Edward Waters College. Her main point was that you will face adversity in your life some small and some seem too big to ever overcome but if you just keep moving forward you will make it through. This TEDTALK is perfect for those who are thinking of enrolling at EWC because just like at any college it will be hard. You will have to scratch and claw sometimes to get something done but if you keep fighting you will overcome it. there are lots of benefits from coming to EWC but one of the main benefits would be the size of the school. Our numbers are smaller then most but that is good for a lot of students. you are able to get to know your professors and have the one on one time needed that you might miss out on at a bigger university where most students are just another number.


It was a normal night, I had just finished my dinner and I headed back to my dorm. As i closed the door to my car I hear these loud pops coming from down the road on Tyler street a block down from my dorm. Not really sure what it was I hesitated and then about six pops followed and I knew it was trouble. I ducked down behind my car and could hear the bullets ricochet off of the pavement and others fly through the trees near my dorm. There was a car the sped off shortly after the shots were fired. I didn’t get to see who it was or what the car brand was but it was a very scary and heart pumping experience. I wasn’t very far from the incident maybe within a hundred yards. My life wasn’t in danger but it was a very startling night to say the least.gunnn